At the Diverciti Centre, we have state of the art equipment that can be used to suit any of your needs, ranging from conferences to concerts.




With our tangent line array of Nexo Geo S series of speakers and subwoofers, 2 D-Racks, and our Digico SD9 sound desk, you cant beat our sound! Come and experience for yourself how good it is. We also have Shure QLXD wireless mics and two-way radios available for use.

You can also request for your event's audio to be recorded, at an additional fee.




The creative lighting at Diverciti Centre encompasses various lighting technologies that will suit your function's needs, visually bringing your events to a greater new dimension.Our equipment includes: Cree LED Pars and LED Bars, Colour Stage Washes, 10+ Bright Mover lights (15 Channels), Dimmable Warm Fresnels all equipped and linked via our extensive/expandable DMX network.



At Diverciti Centre, we have a new stage LED screen measuring approximately 10.4m x 3.5m with a resolution of 3456 x 1152.  It is up to your imagination to create any ambient environment such as showing skylines or nature backdrops on the screen.

Each classroom and seminar room is also equipped with a HD TV with HDMI and VGA inputs.



In our auditorium, we have cameras that are equipped to record and broadcast HD videos of your event. Live video of your event can be projected on one side of our auditorium widescreen and on the TVs in the adjoining rooms (dressing room, balcony room)

*Please note that we only offer limited event recording services. You are free to bring in your own video recording personnel.



Classroom Equipment

Each classroom is equipped with:

  • Whiteboard

  • Markers

  • Whiteboard Erasers

  • Tables

  • Chairs

  • TV

  • Projector (some rooms only)

  • Speaker System